I am a process lead specialized in enabling learning organizations that build humane products.

With 12 years of exprience in and around digital product and organisational discovery, design and development, I identify with being a facilitator, designer, product lead and thought leader.

With my triple background in sociology, design and dance/movement I am driven to set out learning conditions, moderate design processes and facilitate change in teams and organizations.

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Great results can only be achieved when people feel accepted, challenged and still at ease. It is hard work but it works. No idea will fly alone in a complex world like ours.


I believe it's pointless to do something if you're not going to do it well.

Holistic Learning

Agility, Resilience, Futures Thinking, Systems Thinking and more. We learn experientially, conceptually but also situatedly. The mind cannot make sense without the body.

ideas and minds is a small organization and product development consultancy. We advise individuals as well as small and medium-sized companies who come to us with questions about digitization and transformation processes. We offer our services both pro bono and for (non)-profit companies. The main focus of the advice is on the connection between the structures of an organization, the processes of product development, the influences from the environment and the acting, learning people between these spheres.


Scaled Agility

Design Thinking

Change Management

User Experience Design

Product Design

Product Ownership




Embodied Communication


Futures Thinking



Jan 2018 - Present

I write political opinion pieces and reports on the U.S.’s most recent political events. My goal was and is to bring articles and news without partisan bias while offering insight and analysis.


Jan 2018 - Feb 2019

I walked the red carpet, spoke with designers, and provided in-depth insights on each participant’s collections and their inspirations for the multiple fashion events taking place across Italy.


University of Helsinki

Neuroscience in Educational Science

University of Mannheim

MA in Social Sciences with Business Extension


SACCO® Scaled Agility Collaboration Coach

kyona Academy

Design Thinking

School of Design Thinking, Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam


Sasha Grey

Fashion Weekly Editor

Julian has been our ace card for a while now – he's dependable, always delivering his work on time. The quality of his work is of such high standard that we often don't need too many layers of edits to get the first draft into the published version. He helps us cover meaningful stories with a distinct voice, while also working as a team player. If you're looking for a quality writer, Julian's one I'd vouch for.

Martha Smith

World Politics Editor

Julian is one of those writers who are able to distinguish their own voice throughout any piece of work, without losing the soul of the publication itself. He's able to pick up on some of the finer nuances of the political climate and express them in words that are easy to comprehend and digest by many audiences. He's a delight to work with, and such a nice person, too.

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